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November 11, 2012
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King Sombra by Valkyrie-Girl King Sombra by Valkyrie-Girl
So what's all this I hear about people not liking Sombra? Or rather feeling like he's a let down? Nonsense!!!

Yes I know he's different from the past villains in that he didn't really say much but I think that on it's own actually can tell you a lot about him. I actually think he might be one of the most evil of the villains thus far. Nightmare Moon was formed out of the pain of jealousy that Luna suffered at a perceived rejection. It was her desire to be loved that drove her. Discord is...well he's Discord. While I do have my opinions about chaos vs. order Discord himself was really just bored and wanted to be entertained. Chrysalis my be the most innocent of all of them in that she was really just doing what she thought she had to in order to take care of her subjects. Sombra on the other hand was originally a unicorn, a normal pony who's ambition and lust for power drove him to enslave and imprison an entire pony nation. As to his not having any memorable dialogue, I think that speaks to his character as well. His own lust for power has turned against him, consuming him to degree that he can no longer even articulate normal language. Evil.

So yeah. All that to say I wasn't disappointed with him at all. And then I drew a picture. Tadaa!
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Ohhh, very cool sombra art! you made him look very sinister! :) love the evi magic energy coming out of his eye! :)
Fucking awesoooome!!!!
So much time i wabt to know the artist of this image :D
Oh god this is beautiful. I love Sombra (of all villains from MLP) and you made him look so goooood. Do you mind if I use this as my laptops background? I like your style on this one!
Valkyrie-Girl Jan 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! You go right ahead.
Minty-Illusion Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CrisahitnaHyscirs Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I oughta say, he's quite hansome, yet selfish and dangerous. 
Jowain92 Oct 6, 2013  Student Writer
He had a great design, he deserved more screentime :)
From the way I see it. The only flaw I see in him is not having any minion. Hes a perfect looming threat villain who is extremely cunning looking at his traps which outsmarted twilight the smartest mortal pony around, plus he would have won if it wasn't for Spike following twilight, heck had he been next to her when she opened the door he would have been trapped with her. He only lost because All of the mane five were keeping the crystal ponies happy so that the crystal heart would kill him, shining armor was helping Cadence stay on her hoofs and she was keeping Sombra out with a shield made out of the power of love which seems to be his only weakness. And Twilight was looking for the crystal heart which is the only thing that could kill Sombra and last of all if Celestia did not show Twilight how to use dark magic she wouldnt have even known how to open that door. Not only that but his plan was the most scary, as Celestia heavily hinted that if Sombra won he would use the crystal heart to turn Equestria into a living hell. I wish they giving him atleast ONE minion to show how respected he is but overall hes a an amazing villain but ofcourse most bronies want woobies and comical relief villains, heck some chrysalis fans only like her because they think shes misunderstood.
Valkyrie-Girl Sep 15, 2013  Student General Artist
While I do think a minion would have been interesting I also think that it would not have been a meaningful addition to the story first because there was only so much time to tell the story but more so because it would have taken the focus away from Twilight and her friends which is what it was all about. Had it been a full length movie then perhaps it could have been something to consider.
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